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Tantra Instruction & Intimacy Coaching in San Jose California


Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there.

When the soul lies down in that grass the world is too full to talk about ~ Rumi 



Imagine how your life would have been different had you been taken to the Goddess Temple as a young man, welcomed, and taught the ways of women... In ancient times there were temples, kivas, and secret caves, where sacred sexuality was shared without shame or guilt. The temple Priestess nurtured, bathed and adored Seekers of the Goddess. Every Spiritual Warrior in our culture today needs a sacred space to lay down his shield and his sword. I invite you inside my temple.... Namaste'

ZENergy Retreat - 90 min/$300, 2 hrs $400

If you are curious about Tantra, I look forward to sharing the basics of breath work, body acceptance, and conscious connection. I am honored to share techniques to improve your confidence and skill as a passionate lover. In this session I immersing you in healing waters, connecting with you in a profoundly intimate experience. This session is designed for your complete relaxation and surrender. Be receptive  and enjoy moving beyond the performance and into receiving an abundance of pleasure!

I share WATSU, (water shiatsu) helping you release all tension and inhibitions from your body!        The heated pool allows for deeper relaxation as I float your body and open energy centers in your system to create higher levels of body awareness and arousal. Many of my Devotees experience a sensation of floating on a cloud while being highly aroused, and  discover total BODY orgasm.     The water is conductive and multiplies the intensity!  

*Please note; during Winter months the pool may not be available due to cold temperatures. Afternoon/evening appt times are best, allowing the pool to heat to 90*.                                               YOU MUST PRE-BOOK 24-48 hours in advance 


Red Hot Tantra  (Goddess Worship) 90 min $400/2 hours $500

This session is amazing and recommended for those interested in exploring a deeper connection with mutual pleasure. Discover Shakti/Shiva energy, the dynamic “kundalini” flow, and how to control it using breath work and focused intention.  Sacred Erotic Touch concludes this session, supporting you and nourishing you on every level. Transform ordinary sex into extraordinary lovemaking!

Many of my students experience full body orgasm when annointed by the Goddess with ‘Amrita’. Learn how to harness and master this dynamic power within you, increasing your potency with your awareness. Learn to control your Kundalini/Chi with intention, breathwork and muscle control. It’s like running 220 in a 110 world! Allow wave after wave of electric “Tantric” energy to course over your body! ITS AMAZING!


Couples Sessions  2 hrs, $500/ 3 hrs $750/ 4 hrs $1000 

As an intimacy coach I believe I may be able to help you to re-romanticize your relationship. I can offer and share skills to empower and rekindle the flames of passion. Learn to communicate clearly, asking for and receiving what you truly desire. Observe and practice skills to awaken deeper intimacy and trust in your partner. With divorce rates at an all time high, it is critical to learn how to be more present and honest, growing your love to a higher level. There are many types of bonds in our intimate relationships, and ways to explore relationship dynamics. I support you on this passionate journey. Polyamorous and same sex couples welcome! Transform ordinary sex into extraordinary lovemaking! (Pre-booking and 50% NON-refundable deposit required to reserve date)

Tantra for Lovers  (Tantra Bed & Breakfast)  $1500

Consider an immersion into Tantra with Lady V for an overnight session, including 6 hours of coaching, greeting you with holy open arms. Together we can prepare and share a delicious evening meal with wine, a candlelit bubble bath, sensual massages, AND use of the Tantra Lounge. I will be your personal guide and catalyst into the sacred art of loving, supporting you in deeper intimacy. I have a lovely private guest room with all the amenities you may need to enjoy your stay. In the morning after, I will prepare you a sumptuous brunch with fresh fruits, smoothies, organic juices, granola, and yogurt, coffee/tea, etc.

Afterwards, you are welcome to enjoy the private pool area for nude sun bathing, swimming in the heated pool and a mini review of our enchanted evening, having closure with me to discuss your experience. This is the ultimate gift you can give your Beloved, time to relax in a Sanctuary for Lovers.



Beyond 50 Shades of Grey- for Men, Women & Couples -1 hour  $250/2 hours $400

You may have read the popular series that introduces the concept of pleasure and pain. If you are seeking a safe, sane and consensual place to explore the submissive aspect of your personality, this is the session for you! With limits and safe boundaries,  I will take you on a journey involving complete trust and receptivity. Imagine being blindfolded with silk ties binding you to the table as you are sensually flogged, spanked and aroused to a new level.

BDSM & Tantra have much in common; breathing, muscle control and endorphin release.                   ( I also have a fabulous toy box that you can select from, including a sybian!) Pleasure is your birthright, there is no need for guilt or shame. Step into the Divine Feminine and claim your sexuality!


Awakening the Inner Goddess-1 hour $150/ 1.5 hours $225/ 2 hours $300

Discover the Divine Feminine residing within yourself. Without need for performance, imagine being so relaxed and aroused that all inhibitions are lost as you are pleasured in a way that only another woman would understand. Women run energy differently then men, starting at the crown chakra and working down to the root. I will help you ignite your inner fire and show you how to receive pleasure in a new way. I will honor your desires completely without expectation.

*Inquire about Fall and Winter Goddess Circles on the New & Full Moon each month!  Together we will explore the astrological aspects of the lunar cycle, supporting each other in transformation. As the wheel of the year turns, we gather wisdom from the seasons.      Love offering $20.00

I am also available for classes, workshops, and mentoring. If you are interested, please call me!

DISCLAIMER-I am NOT a licensed massage therapist in the state of California, however I AM ceritified in Esalen Massage. I practice healing energy work and sacred sexuality drawing upon ancient wisdom. I am a Tantra Instructor and Intimacy Coach. If you are seeking medical attention, please contact a clinical health care provider. Thank you! 





































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