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Validations, Testimonials  & Reviews


Please enjoy the following comments from Tantra students and Devotees whom I have had the great pleasure of meeting along the path to sacred sexuality. I am so greatful for each and every encounter. I feel blessed to share this body of wisdom with you.


10/24/13 Jay from Orlando

Hi Lady V,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for my initiation. I am still processing what happened to me, I've never experienced anything quite like it!

Both the pool session and the hot stones were amazing, and the freedom I felt with you was liberating. I'm going to focus on my chi, and remember that I have real power going through my body. I've felt it!

Best wishes, and I hope to see you again soon!




11/12/12- Todd UK

Hi Vanessa,
As I leave Orlando I carry a memory of moments of shared love with you I will always treasure.You are an incredible soul, Thank you for your gifts and trust. I will continue to learn and will seek the path forward back home and may update you by email one day on my journey.

Peace be with you - always. Todd

11/09/12 from Alexandria in Virginia

Hey its Alex from a few days ago. I just wanted to say i hope you had a safe trip and that every one is well. I really enjoyed talking to you and afterwards i felt really great energetically and i just wanted to thank you for that. I've now decided to make it my goal to be able to make others feel the same when i talk to them using compassionate communication. :D

Thank you ever so much for being such an energy beacon!

Loves and hugs!


10/24/12 YH from Atlanta

Lady V is such a talented relationship coach. I came to her and I was
stuck in what I thought was an impossible situation. She gently called
me on my part of the conflict and gave me a valuable point of view
that I needed. I would highly recommend her to any person or couple
that needs help navigating the shark infested waters of relationship using compassionate communication skills.

Thanks Vanessa! YH

10/19/12 Chris from Lakeland

Dear Vanessa,

I can't get my Goddess out of my mind or your touch from my soul. Who would want to? Looking forward to seeing you again in November and spending an evening dining and tasting you and the other delicious things you will teach me.
I want to experience again the leisure we took getting to know each other as we ate grapes and practiced breathwork together. The warm pool in the evening, naked. And the massage like no other. My body is yours to enjoy, as yours is mine.

Chris XO
5/7/2012 -


Hank from Orlando

Had a nice warm dream about you last night so I thought I would send you a message.
Thank you again for investing time in showing me some Tantra lessons and for providing a very memorable experience. My most vivid memories are of the connection I felt with you and the loving energy you exude. Those memories still elicit a strong response in me:) :)
Things at home have been great. My wife has become comfortable stepping outside the 'box' sexually
 to get additional pleasure and it is such a great turn on for me. Our sex has been spectacular lately! We pick up our Tantra chair in 4 weeks and look forward to using it......
Hope all is well with you and your journey. Feel free to share stories and tips if you have the time to share. You are an amazing woman and I look forward to the opportunity to share with you again.


5/4/2012 - Johnny from Orlando

Hi, Lady V
Just wanted to say thanks for the recent Tantra session with you. It was great! The pool experience was really soothing and something I hadnt encountered before. Next trip to Orlando will require a return engagement with you. You are perfect for the job. Thanks again,



4/20/2012-Del from Wisconsin

WAY BEYOND EXPECTATONS!! I scheduled a visit with Vanessa aka Lady V approximately a week before my arrival in Florida after her web site jumped off the internet exceeding the norm. As the date approached I envisioned the encounter and what transpired was exceptional and WAY BEYOND EXPECTATIONS! Her beauty greets you with a smile and hug, her relaxed demeanor creates immediate ease in communicating and although this was my first Tantra experience I can't imagine it being exceeded from the wonderful experience in the heated pool to the best massage I have ever received and moreÖ..Vanessa is a guaranteed visit on all my future traveling to Florida, don't miss out!!

Thanks V! Del


12/21/2011 Paul from Orlando-

Dear Lady V (Vanessa)!
My visit with you on Dec. 21, 2011 was the most pleasurable experience that I have had in my whole life. I want to thank you for all the techniques that you taught me and the calmness I experienced after the session. When I visited you I was ready to be dissapointed as has happened to me a few times in the past, but as soon as I saw you for the first time your looks enticed me as you look even better in real life than the pictures I saw on your website. I always keep on thinking about the wonderful time we had together and when I could come and visit with you again. I greatly appreciate you for not rushing and taking every effort to make my experience the best in my life so far and I know that there is many more of those to come in the near future.


9/7/2011 Joe from Cocoa Beach-

Thank you for an afternoon of sheer pleasure. The freedom of the water made me feel like my body was floating in outer space. The hot stones made my body feel as though it was melting and when I looked into your eyes I not only saw the love but I felt it all through my body. It was just the therapy I needed. I have every intention of experiencing you again.


7/11/2011 New Kid in PDX-

Vanessa is one of the most amazing people you could ever hope to meet, and time spent with her is a gift. She has an amazing ability to "read" you and figure out just exactly it is that you need in the moment you are with her and then deliver it in a way that you walk away refreshed, recharged and energized. And that feeling grows in that hours after leaving her and helps to "reset" you and focus on what is important to you in your life.


4/21/2011 John in Kissimmee-

What an amazing experience! Thank you Lady V! From the moment I walked in I was swept off my feet. I learned so much about myself. An UNBelievable body (more like an out of body) massage. I came in as person who was not centered. After Lady V was done with me I was rebooted, re centered AND refocused. Cannot wait till round 2!!!! Thank you again!! oxox John


3/24/2011 Mike in Portland-
Hello Lady V!
Was just thinking about you today after I finished a massage with a very nice lady, but after spending time with you it is very hard to find someone equal or even close to your skills. I miss you, and was wondering if you are planning a trip back to the Northwest? I really enjoyed the time we spent together on your last trip. You truely are a lovely Goddess! Come back and bring us some of that sunshine!
Bigg Huggs-Mike


1/11/2011 Edward from Tampa-
You have definitely found your calling.  You teach with such heart and such an openness.  I so appreciate the little insights into your personal life.  It makes you so real and honest, which is exactly what I felt during our very first phone conversation that made me feel so at ease and took away every fear I had. Telling someone they have changed your life is a powerful statement.  I want you to know I do not take that statement lightly, and meant every word.  You have opened my mind, and my heart, and my body.  You have taught me so much and I am truly greatful. Thank you for sharing with me so intimately your mind, your heart, and your body.  That connection is and always will be truly cherished.
Your humble student, Ed


8/4/2010 David from Tampa writes-

Dear Goddess Vanessa:

Thank you so much for a wonderful time yesterday.  You are an amazing woman that I felt comfortable with from the beginning all the way through our time together.  You taught me a lot about Tantra and a lot about myself in a short amount of time.  I can't thank you enough for your insight and just the way you made me feel through the whole experience.  You were so right that we were meant to see each other at that time. I really look forward to learning more from you when you are back in the area. Best-David


7/8/2010 Ray from Tampa writes-




3/31/2010  Larry from Orlando-

Dear Lady V,

I can't begin to say enough about the time we shared together. You are truly a sensual and deeply caring individual. You have opened my eyes and soul to a whole new way of being. I have never had 2 hours go by so quickly; our time together was too short and I wish I could have stayed even longer!  You have so much passion and concern for others. You are a patient teacher and I appreciate the opportunity you gave me to share of myself in such a safe environment. Our time together was filled with deep emotions and special learning experiences I will treasure always.
Namaste - Larry


 3/28/2010- Ross in Orlando-

To meet with Vanessa was a pure joy!  Along with being beautiful and full of fun, she actually explained everything about Tantra in very easy to understand terms!  She made learning SO fun! The whole session was one to remember. From the relaxing bath to the ever so loosening  full body massage!  I could feel all the toxins making passage out of my body. I felt so much better the next day! I hope to see you again, and if anyone is thinking about making an appointment, don't think twice or you will miss the boat.

Thank-you! Ross


 3/19/2010 Lee PDXmagichands-

Hi Vanessa, it's Lee the massage therapist. Just been thinking about you lately and wanting to share this with you...since you've left Portland, I have tried out a few sensual massages from various ladies (and one gentleman) and I must tell you that not a single one comes even remotely close to the fabulous treatments that I received from you. So many of them claim to have training and experience but they all boil down to the same thing...30 to 45 minutes of light, superficial rubbing on the back and legs, then the flip onto the back for a pretty quick finish.
I hope you are happy, healthy and flourishing in Florida. I just felt compelled to thank you again for the wonderful skills that you shared with me, the important lessons that you taught me about Tantra and the great memories that I have of spending time with you. Take good care.
Peace and wellness to you!


 3/10/2010 Mark in West Palm Beach says-

Dear Vanessa,

All I can say is, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!  That was one of the most invigorating, sensual and fulfilling experiences I have ever had. Thank you for taking the time to teach me about Tantra, and showing me what it is all about! They should have your picture next to the word Tantra in the dictionary. Well maybe that is a little corny.... 
The whole evening was enlightening and something I will remember always!
Anyway, It was a pleasure to meet you, experience you, and feel the warmth affection and desire to  make someone feel good inside and outside. I hope I get the chance to see you again and give a little more back the next time. I sure as hell enjoyed every moment!
Be safe, and Take Care. You are a wonderful Lady.
Cheers!  Mark


 2/12/2010 David in Tampa writes-

Dearest Goddess Vanessa:

It was a both a privilege and a pleasure to worship you yesterday.  It was fantastic to say the least. I look forward to our next Goddess worship session. Meanwhile, take good care of your beautiful self.
Very warmly yours,

David  Tampa


12/22/09-Gary and Jean

We had a great vacation. Thanks for your tantra session, we enjoyed it very much. It has opened many channels that needed opening. This was the best gift we've ever shared and we are now communicating and connecting better than ever! Keep doing the great work you do. Love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!   Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year - Gary and Jean


9/12/09  from Tony in Tampa

I went and saw Lady V a week ago and was stunned to see such a gorgeous woman answer the door. She had the most erotic eyes I have ever looked into. The tantric session she gave was out this world, she makes you feel like you left your body and went to heaven! She also has a great personality to go along with everything else. Cant wait for you to come back to Tampa, I will be the first in line to get an appt. If you want to get the best Tantric provider, dont hesitate. You need to call Lady V, I promise she is sweet like candy, you will want more.



8/29/09 from Bill & Janet in Aventura-

Vanessa, thank you so much for the couples session. As a woman, I really felt a connection to you. You are not only sexy and beautiful, but loving and nurturing, as well. You were very sensitive to the fact that this was a "first time" experience for me. My boyfriend and I left the session basking in the glow and went on to have a beautiful, romantic evening after. The skills that you taught us will serve us well through the years. The memory of the session is HOT! Our only regret is not trying out the Tantra Chair....Oh well, next time!

Thanks again,

Bill & Janet


5/27 from Jim in Boca Raton- I visited Lady V for the first time about a week ago.  She is a true master of her art.  I suspect what happens in a session depends on what kind of a connection you make and how well you can immerse yourself in the process, so specifics of: she did, I did etc., probably aren't relevant.   But I will say it was complete and elegant. She is a class act. This was a total package.  I've never been multi-orgasmic but after the third OOOOMG!  I just lost count, lost my mind and found a new level of energy! 
You would expect that I'd  left in an ambulance, but no.  The session was stress releasing and energizing at the same time, and the effects were long lasting.  I was euphoric for days. I'm going back for more just as soon as my pacemaker overhaul is finished!

 Thanks again Lady V! - Jim


5/1/09 from James in Deerfield Beach-   A few days ago I decided to treat myself to Vanessa as a birthday present.  It turned out that it was the best gift I've received in years and maybe decades.  Vanessa really knows how to give, and give, and give....  Vanessa is a very caring person who genuinely enjoys what she is doing and makes sure you do too.  She has great observation skills and taught me many valuable skills to try at home with my wife. Our relationship has never been better!  I'm a repeat visitor and I want to bring my wife to the next visit with Lady V. 



4/2/09 AJ from Virginia- Hi Sexxxy Lady V.  Just wanted to comment on our couple's session with you while on vacation in Miami in April.  Was the first experience for us of this sort. I must admit that I was a little skeptical going into the session being that my wife tends to be very conservative and not likely to jump into something new of this magnitude.  You assured me that once I got her here that your skills and abilities would soothe away any apprehensions.  Were you ever right!!!  Your warm introduction and welcome is probably underrated.  Your home is impeccable!  It immediately removes and apprehensions a person may have.  Then as we sat there enjoying fresh fruit and  cool drinks and you began to share your vast wealth of knowledge I could tell my conservative wife becoming anxious to get started with the session.  She could tell you were genuine.  Your studio is fabulous!  The session was explosive!  The knowledge gained will enhance our relationship for the rest of our lives together.  Probably the most action packed two to three hours or more a couple could ever experience.  There is nothing to fear.  Lady V focuses on the female and her desires and take away and apprehensions one might have without rushing into the session.  Us men usually have no apprehensions and can't wait for the session to heat up.  Can honestly say that we BOTH now can't wait to get back to Florida for session #2!  Thank-you Lady V!


9/1/08 from 6 Fingered Sam - THH #109705 

Atmosphere: Fabulous location. Impeccable interior. Personality: Sultry, sexy. She is an open book, a free spirit who loves to share the secrets of the Universe.

Comments: Always having an eye on Lady V coupled with her impending seasonal shift, I decided the time to act was upon me. I was greeted at the door by a lovely woman who welcomed me with a wonderful hug. Feeling completely relaxed was instantaneous, as she is adept with humor as well as sharing her intimate knowledge of Tantra.
Refreshments and lively chat began our experience. Expanding my horizons was soon to follow. The wealth of knowledge flowing from Lady V was seamless. I could see and feel her excitement when teaching me some basics of Tantra. My spirit soared.
I felt as though I was indeed a king, lavished with the finest treatment. We soaked and allowed tensions to be lifted away; a very much needed breath of fresh air. Pampered could not begin to describe my experience. My mind relaxed.
Her Tantra techniques are simply out of this world. My body was worked! Her sensual energy was consuming. I began to feel a transcendence, the complete submission of my mind and body. It was as if time ceased to exist. My body succumbed.
If everyone took the opportunity to partake from this amazing woman's knowledge, this world would be a much happier place! Thank you for initiating me into the world of Tantra. I eagerly await your return. Have a safe trip to Florida, and enjoy the winter!


9/11/08 from Jim C - THH #111614

Vanessa, thank you so much for everything. It was such a great pleasure meeting you and spending some time with you. You have a tremendous ability to soothe, pamper, caress and care for people........and you'll do really well in..........fucking Florida!!!....as far away from here as you can get and still be in the lower 48 states! OK, sorry......but I know I am not alone in wishing that you were staying in Oregon! Please promise to keep posting for us and send us some photos of all the fun you are having!

So that's it guys, she's leaving on the 20th; her condo is for sale; things are looking grim!!! But I, at least, had one great time! Good luck in Florida Lady V, we'll all miss you girl- 


8/29/08 from Guitar Guy-THH#109186

Upon arrival I was met at the door by the classy Vanessa in a light robe/sarong. Her incall was spotless and very well appointed. We sat down or a few minutes to chat a bit and Lady V described what would happen in the session ahead. She provided grapes and a cool water to enjoy while we did this. She shared that Tantra isn't about sex or doing Karma Sutra. It's about using sexual energy to stimulate and re-vitalize you entire body. 

Once we chatted a bit it was off to the bath tub where she shared more information. This was very sensual and relaxing plus it got the body loose and ready for the next part of the session. Guys, if you have never been bathed by a sensual woman its truly a treat!

From the tub it was off to the alter! She calls it the Alter because you will be in an "altered" state when she's finished with you! OK, I have had a lot of conventional massages and FBSM experiences. I can honestly say that the bodywork I received from Vanessa was the BEST I have ever had!!!  The session definately took a couple turns I wasn't expecting and all in all was VERY satisfying!! This is an experience I can recommend and would go for again!! Lady V is a true pro ...

BTW guys, see is heading back to Florida in a couple weeks .... so if want to see her act now.


 7/30/08 from  rm plata THH #104288

There are times in life where you experience something and just have to say WOW.
Times that give pause, take your breath away, or make you sit back and marvel at the wonders that are around us.
I have had many such moments in my journey through life.

Sitting on top of the North Sister watching the sun rise,
Seeing the ocean for the first time at the age of 18,
Flying into remote Alaska and watching the plane disappear into the clouds not to return for 3 weeks,
Landing a 25 pound fish on 6 pound test,
Running at Hayward field in front on 10,000 people standing and cheering,
Watching the birth of my children,
Seeing a female grizzly standing up, front legs raised above her head as the cubs ran for cover,
Swimming off the coast of Hawaii and having a pod of dolphins swim all around me.

And now I must add Lady V to that list. She did it all; give me pause, take my breath away, and made me sit back and marvel at the wonders that are.....

Lady V

Thank You!


7/10/08 from Phoebus THH # 101342

I posted an ad in the gents section looking for a Thursday Morning rub, and Lady V responded with a time that did suited me, so booked an unforgettable session with an amazing woman!

Her incall is well appointed and her view is quite pleasing to the eye. She had a tray of light snacks and a beverage. We a few minutes of conversation about this and that before moving into the main event.

Lady V is a skilled practitioner of her craft. Her massage technique is spot on, and she knows her way around the human body. Deep tissue massage, hot stone work and joint manipulation is not for the faint of heart. I do believe she worked hard today to loosen up this cranky old soul. She said she could spend two hours on my neck and shoulders alone. And I may take her up on the straight body work. Let me say that it's all good folks. I just need to remember to breathe...

Her other skills and talents have been well documented, and I will leave that between Lady V and myself.

I will say this though:

2 cups, brewed strong. happydance.gif closedeyes.gif 77.gif cloud9.gif

'nuff said.

Thank you Lady V, it was a lovely afternoon the drive back was uneventful and stress free. Imagine that.




3/12/07 from lefty22

Wow,  I could literally write several pages of information on Vanessa, however I don't want to turn a wonderful time with a wonderful lady into a boring read, so I will try to keep this fairly short. V is very easy to get a hold of and very friendly. I had planned some time with her a couple weeks ago but it didn't work out, however I found myself in PDX again and she arranged to see me on fairly short notice. I would also like to say that I love FBSM and find them to be very soothing and she came highly recommended by Val who I have seen a couple times. As a matter of fact Val made the comment to me that she would 'eat me up'. Which although it scared me a bit, intrigued me greatly also. Her condo is immaculate, her appearance is awesome, she talks about anything and everything to help put you at ease. I don't know about others but I'm always a bit nervous, especially seeing a provider for the first time ,and you'd think they would be too, but she showed no signs of it. She took off my shoes, rubbed my feet, toes, calves, helped me out of my clothes, led me to her bath, which was all drawn and ready to go. I'm usually a 5 minute shower guy, but let me say, baths became alot more enjoyable than I remembered them this day. Candles, a nice massage table, well placed mirrors, a food tray, hot stones as part of the massage. The massage by the way is without a doubt the best I've had. It hurt so good, as the song goes. Val was right, Lady V is highly skilled in this area, and other areas as well. I will close by saying that with lady V I felt nurtured and loved unconditionally and that she was really my girlfriend, I'm guessing that everyones session is probably a little different, however as long as you treat lady V like the lady she is, and show up clean, and prepared to have a good time, you wont be disappointed. We laughed, we loved, we had joy, we had fun we had seasons in the sun. Thank you Lady V for a great afternoon and I hope to be able to cross paths with you again.


3/12/07 from  w8lifta2006

I contacted Vanessa after checking her reviews & reading her info on her website.  The appt was set for the following afternoon after I provided a reference & contact info.  I must say the seduction that began on her website continued during our conversation as my pulse quickened at the possibilities of what was to come.

Upon arriving at her residence I was greeted by a beautiful woman adorned in a seductive garmet and welcomed into her sanctuary.  A warm embrace and exchange of energy initiated what was to be a seductive journey like none I have experienced before.  Prepared for me was a hot bubble bath enhanced by candle light and smooth jazz playing subtly in the distance.  I must admit that prior to this interlude I had not enjoyed the luxury of being bathed as a man by a woman.  [I am omitting details of the encounter from bathing up to the massage other than to say it was an "O" so wonderful experience for us both]  I was then led to the massage room and proceeded to receive one of the best massages I've ever had [well over 100 total] that infused seductive/sensual methods that blended hot stone & deep tissue.  Believe me,  I needed the work and some of the most recent massages I've obtained from LMT's paled in effectiveness.  After the massage and a shower we snacked on fruit & cheese and discussed topics of mutual interest.  A warm embrace ended our session just as it began and I was on my way feeling lighter, more relaxed, and an overwhelming sence of well being.

Vanessa is a treasure that must be explored to be appreciated.


2/8/2007 from mman

I have just experienced the best and most erotic FBSM++ of my life. Thank you Vanessa!
Your location by the river is very warm and charming with a nice fire going in fireplace that complemented the fire that grew within me as we got to know each other over a glass of wine. The whole initial experience from the kiss at our greeting through your removal of my clothes and the shared bath with the release of all my tension set the stage for a trip to your wonderful massage table. Vanessaís massage technique include a thorough understanding of human anatomy with a wonderfully firm touch, the application of nicely scented oils and the rubbing of hot stones to key areas of the body that combine to relieve any soreness or tightness you might have. By the time that I turned over on the table she had also generated a huge erotic response in me. At the end of the massage we moved into to a serious GFE session and she responded as if she were my long-lost lover. That only added to my already hyped erotic response to her massage and the GFE session that followed simply blew my mind. I can not wait to have the pleasure to see Vanessa again. Come back soon from Costa Rica!


12/28/06 from  wildvard

Well I saw Vanessa yesterday after a long holiday trip and a rough flight back from Phoenix. By the time I got there she had everything ready and looked just wonderful. I had not met her before so she took a few minutes to explain what she does and how she does it, and to ensure I was comfortable. We started with her helping me to undress (which is one of the nicest things a lady could do for a guy) and then after awhile moved to her luxury bathtub. I soaked for a little bit, and then she started to bath me (another great turn on for me) and finally climbed in with me. This set off my first + of the day. After drying off and moving to the massage room, I settled in for one of the best massages of my life. Vanessa's massage is great and it helped me immensly. Sometime time during the massage I experienced my second + of the day. It was so intense, it took me awhile to recover and Vanessa was there with a cool drink and warm wash clothes to make sure everything was ok. Then a hop into the shower and a little discussion and I had to leave. Got a very nice cigar from Lady V and a small bag of cookies. Very very nice. Munched on them all the way home while thinking of the very talented lady that I had just spent a wonderful afternoon with, and had given myself to. Vanessa is a super lady and I truely look forward to our next experience. Thank you.


12/13 /07 from  radar6935

If I had to descibe my thoughts on a perfect lover I would only have to say one word---Vanessa--She is the most incredible woman I have ever met. She treats me like I am a king when I am with her. Everything that happens is focused on my pleasure, although it seemed to me that she gets as much out of her sessions as her partners. This was my third trip to my goddess lare and my choice was confirmed, as I knew it would be, that I could not have made a better one, for a lover or a massage therapist, or just a warm loving caring woman to spend some time with. I am pretty blabby most of the time, but my connection with Vanessa is special to me and just for me. So you'll just have to arrange to see her to find out for yourself how wonderful she can be


12/13 /06 from radar6935

Well I guess the best place to start is at the beginning----I was met or should I say attacked-lol-at the door by my love goddess Vanessa and then I had a brief introduction to Marie's tongue. They were wonderful and inviting and so damn hot , I was stripped by two women almost before i made it out of the hallway. This was just the start of what I have to say was the most erotic and sexual event I have ever experienced. If you have been on THH very long you know my reviews, and that I try to tell you that I enjoyed myself with the lady I just met with and not give all the details. Those details deserve your making yourself and all I can do is recommend or not. Well this time I am just about to burst wanting to tell someone all the juicy details, like a dual daty--now that was what I call a feast fit for a king and no calories. Then there was the bath with more hands on me than I have ever had and the massage with two-2-II-count em 2 ladies rubbing me the right way. Now that is all the detail I can give and still give you the opportunity to make your own memory with The Mostest And Bestest Goddess and her wonderful partner in lust, that a man could ever have. In my humble opinion that is.

 10/6/06 from robotto48

I arrived on time at Lady Vís and when she opened the door I couldnít believe me eyes. What a beautiful lady. The hour glass figure, warm smile, and those hynoptic eyes. She greeted with a passionate kiss and invited me in. We proceeded to the kitchen and shared some fresh strawberries and by the way they were very tasty. Next we went to stand in front of the fireplace where we undressed and started to make our connection with each other and what a connection. Lady V than said my bath was ready and OMG!!! I have never been so pampered in all of my life. After a good soaking she joined in and had a very relaxing time together. When we left the bath she handed me a nice wam towel to dry off and I followed her to the massage area. She had snacks and water available to keep the energy level up. Anyway, Iím a great client while getting the massage I dozed off for a short time unbelieveable. I could probably write a small book about my experience with Lady V. I had a wonderful time and she is a special lady. I hope to get to seen her again very soon. Oh, one more thing if anyone remembers the sex kittens of th 50's and 60's Lady V would certainly fit the mold

1/07/06 from Buddhaboy

So what does it mean when a provider drives a Mercedes?  It means many things...
A.  The provider is probably in it for the fun, not just or not the money
B.  There's going to be no drama - no crisis of the month, no "I need rent money" e-mails, few cancellation issues, etc.
C.  Hold on and get ready for a great time!

I say this because in my experience a provider with an income outside the hobby is far more fun usually.  They just don't have the drama and the month-to-month existance that can be so tough on them and you.  This is the case with Vanessa.  She has work and an income outside the hobby that provides a very nice home, car, etc.  I think it let's her focus on really enjoying her time with a client. 

I contacted Lady V via e-mail, some nice back-and-forth, she had to cancel a few days in advance due to a cold, but we quickly reconfirmed another date.  Got directions the day of the appointment, called when I was close, and she gave me the final dirctions, literally "talking me in" with directions to her place.  And what a place.  Beautiful view, very tastefully decorated, and also set up for fun.

Wonderful greeting at the door with a kiss - that always lets me know that things will go well.  She had some sliced apples, cheese and meat for snacks, and opened a very very nice bottle of red wine (and of course I then felt like a clod for not bringing one -- next time).  Then the "treat you like a king" (my phrase not hers) treatment began.

After a brief tour of her place I was offered a chair, she sat on the plush rug, and we did a little eating, drinking, and talking.  Vanessa screens potential clients by checking their reviews, etc.  She only sees those that interest her.  I was a little dicey.  She liked by reviews, but also saw that I'd paid some recent visits to some young spinners.  She's neither, and was concerned that she wouldn't be my type.  Fortunately I'd passed the screening anyway, and I had the opporunity to share my philosophy on old vs. young (young can be fun, but I love a woman who has multiple "O"s and that's almost never a young one).

One of the cool things about a visit with Vanessa is the pacing.  Sitting there in the chair, her at my feet, led to me losing my clothes and losing something else in short order.  That's a really good idea.  Guys are pigs.  Getting that "tension" out of the way meant being in a far more patient mood for the pampering to come.  I could sit back and relax (and being old - work on recouperation - it was a 2 hour appointment after all). 

The chair experience was followed by the tub experience.  She had already prepared the tub - a wonderful oversized tub, and proceeded to wash me all over, followed by joining me in the tub for exquisite body surfing over our slippery skin.  After that wonderful and relaxing pampering it was off to the massage room, where I was soon to learn a lesson.

I've had many many many professional massages.  One thing I'd never had was the hot stone massage.  You see the spa ads with some woman lying on her stomach with these round rocks on your back, and my first reaction is "yea right, how stupid".  I still think hot rocks on your back is stupid but Iím a total convert to the Lady V technique.  She holds the hot rock in her hand and uses it to massage your muscles.  Itís great!  You get the warmth of the rock and she knows just how to do it.  Iím converted.

Following the massage we had a mutually enjoyable intimate time (I believe it had something to do with the longer appointment time).  Yeah Iím being vague but Vanessa seems to keep a low profile, and while we didnít specifically discuss it, Iím sure that she would prefer to keep private the full extent of her services. 

Lady V is lusty Ė thatís the best word I can come up with to describe her.  Sheís going to pamper you, but sheís also going to turn you on and keep you that way.  As mentioned above, I think a lot of her great attitude and the great experience is due to this being part-time for her, and not her primary source of income it appears.  She can therefore choose who she wants to see, and meet some of her desires in the process.  Iíve known of her for more than a couple of years, once had an e-mail exchange but never set up the appointment, and now I kick myself for my delay.

In sumÖI had a great time and great connection, felt pampered to the extreme, got to ďrelease the tensionĒ twice, which is highly unusual for me, and want to return again!


1/02/06  radar6935

I recently had an opportunity to see Vanessa for a tantric massage. I have tried one other lady and left her still wanting an answer to my query. well I visited with Vanessa for a bit on the phone and told her of my issues and concerns and made an appointment, not really knowing what to expect. When I arrived , on time, I was met with a warm smile abig hug and a friendly kiss. I just got there and already felt at ease. The enviroment she provided was very warm and confortable, a beautiful view of the river and a very cheery type atmosphere. It smelled great and I was already becoming relaxed and feeling good. Although what I was about to experience was so, out of this world glorious to me, feeling good has now taken on a new deffenition. From the getting aquainted chat and the fresh juice to the teaching aids used to demonstrate what was at hand. Then on to the bubble bath we shared and then to the massage table. Well it was most , can't find the right words so I'll just say the best experience my 55 year body has ever had. I certanly wiil be back for more lessons and massages and I highly recommend her services to whom ever needs help with relaxation, ego, tight muscles, self confidance, how to give and how to recieve pleasure. Vanessa is the woman to see


12/26/06 from Stumpy

Vanessa was easy to contact and set-up an appointment with.  Her in call location is easy to find and very comfortable.  Vanessa met me at the door with a mischievous smile, big hug and a fantastically passionate kiss.  She has wonderful lips and her kiss is very intoxicating.  Vanessa has a great personality and knows how to make you feel right at home.  After the dime tour of her condo she was ready and I was certainly willing.

Vanessa has a wonderful 90-minute session that includes one of the best full body massages Iíve ever had.  She really knows her stuff and knew how to work out the stress I was feeling.  And an added bonus with the massage is her outgoing and bubbly personality.  Her ability to touch the right muscles in the right way was amazing and she showed me a few new tricks that Iíve thought about continuously since our session together.

I left Vanessaís house completely refreshed and ready for the rest of my day.  I highly recommend this gracious lady to anyone in need of a relaxing time.  She will pamper you completely and like me, youíll leave with a smile on your face and a warm spot in your heart.  Iíll be back time and time again.  Treat this special lady right and you wonít be disappointed.


12/17 /06 from  The1Paladin

I met Vanessa (Lady V) at a THH Meet and Greet, and we hit it off immediately.  She is a very hot and sensualwoman who is very confident in who she is that comes across as a one of a kind.  I had to put her on my list.

It took me a bit too actually schedule some time with her because of some personal issues that Iím not going into here, but Iím very glad I did.  Part of why I called her was because I had been talking about doing a duo with Val and another provider as a Christmas present for myself, and as those of you who read Chefkenís review know, they enjoy doing them together.  I wanted to be comfortable with both providers, so I wanted to see Vanessa before scheduling the duo.

She gave me great directions to her incall, and I ended up having to wait a little in a Safeway parking lot as I had arrived a little earlier than planned.  Her directions to get to her place from there were easy to follow.

She met me at her door with a rather nice kiss wearing very little and gave me the tour (she has a number of play areas that l look forward to visiting in the future), and she has a great view out her glass doors of the river.  Our conversation while looking out that window was rather fun as she couldnít keep her hands off of me, always a plus.

Another reason I made the appointment was every time Val and I talk about her massages she always mentions that Vanessa does them better.  Now, Iím not about to downplay how well Val herself does a hot rock massage (which is quite well), but given that Vanessa proudly displays her diplomas in her massage play space I knew it would be special.

She gave me what she called the ďRaindrop TechniqueĒ which uses a number of different oils and aromas.  She mentioned that she chose this technique when she noted how tense my back was.  This was a new technique for me, and I must say it worked.   Just donít pay any attention to the large boiling pot in the corner.  Sheís really not seasoning you up for cooking.  (Just kidding V.  tongue)

The technique seems to use a number of oils like basil, oregano, peppermint and spearmint, and while she did a very good job of explaining the whys and wherefores while seasoning me up with these oils, I was too busy breathing to really pay any attention.  At least long enough to remember to mention them here.

Now, Iím not one to go into the personal details of the rest of my visit, but I have absolutely nothing to complain about during the entire experience.  In fact, Iíd like to think there was nothing for either of us to complain about.   She mentions in her Ads that sheís FBSM+++ and while the number of pluses are probably a degree of YMMV sort of thing, I absolutely loved every single one of my pluses.  As Iíve already noted the FBSM is nothing to sneeze at either.

Someone (I forget who) asked over in the discussion forum about getting a good massage.  I dare say that Vanessa will exceed any reasonable expectation of a FBSM.

All in all guys, Iím going back and as soon as possible.  You should too.


12/12/06 from  woodman101

Suffice to say that this is one classy lady. I won't go into all the details as your experience will be tailored specifically to you.  I departed her sacred temple of mutual pleasure with a big smile and wobbly legs. She is one of a kind, a true gem.


 9/26/06 from ricekrispieguy:

Well, where to start.  It has been a few days since I had the pleasure of Lady V's company.    My body still has not returned to its normal tense and twisted state.  She is a tantrika.  In other words, FBSM is where the menu begins.  I am really at a loss for words to adequately describe this experience.  Never have I been so pampered, so appreciated and so thoroughly made to feel like I was the only man on the face of the earth in my entire life.  Being a bit past my prime, a session with a provider has to be about more than just  "doing it".  I am a true believer in FBSM!  The emotional connection Vanessa brings to the session takes one way over the top.  Her FBSM skills are amazing.  It was better than any massage I have ever experienced.  Imagine combining your best GFE experience with a  thorough and complete head to toe massage that leaves you feeling like you just want to roll over and take a nap!  That's Vanessa.  She is all woman in every way that is remotely important to me.  I really have to say here that she is an FBSM+++++ provider depending upon how well she connects with you.  As in most cases YMMV.  Her incall is immaculate and very upscale.  Would I recommend her?  Only if you want to spend time in heaven and leave on a cloud.  Bless you Vanessa & see you soon!

6/4/06 from pdxmagichands:

My first review, and one that I certainly look forward to writing. Vanessa is a truly gifted provider of sensual, tantric bodywork. Being a professional massage therapist, I get A TON of bodywork and massages from a lot of very qualified practitioners, and I can say without hesitation that Vanessa has very good deep tissue techniques...far superior to many licensed massage therapists who could stand to learn a thing or two from the beautiful Lady V. Right from the very beginning, Vanessa made me feel like the center of her universe. She is uninhibited and non-judgmental. She accepts people just the way they are with respect and honor. Despite my personal body-image issues (I'm a few pounds overweight, and my 48 y/o body bears many scars from my battles with food, tobacco and alcohol), Vanessa made me feel completely secure, accepted and unselfconscious. After lovingly disrobing me and guiding me onto the massage table, she began by working my shoulders and back...with her hands, arms, elbows and heated stones--very effective! As she worked on my legs in the prone position, she skillfully moved and positioned me to allow her the best access to my every body part then gently and lovingly massaged my legs, glutes and privates until I was panting, moaning and drooling beyond control. After I turned over to the supine position, Vanessa artfully used her nude body to tantalize and arouse me as she continued the excellent massage on the front of my body. By sharing space on the table with me, she was able to use every part of her exquisite body as well as some heated oil that, when applied at the precise moment, sent me spiralling into delirium! Realizing that I was on the brink, Vanessa even asked if I was ready for completion or if I preferred to hold off. Greedy bastard that I am, I of course opted for the latter, but I was pretty much beyond the point of no return. After a mind blowing and completely draining orgasm, she continued to caress, fondle and nurture my body for a post-climax experience like none I had experienced before. My afternoon with Vanessa was a unique experience that raised my body, spirit and libido to a new level of consciousness. I look forward to repeating it soon and often!


These reviews are posted on The Hobby Hunter in the Pacific NW, where I lived and worked in Portland, OR before moving to Florida. I like to say, Im sharing the love coast to coast! lol  www.thehobbyhunter.com

Vanessa (Lady V)

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